Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Leaf-Fall and the news this morning

This morning it was a falling leaf, blown in the wind, that caught my eye.  It marks the start of the season for leaf-fall and the gathering in of firewood, all due soon to be raked for compost or to be stacked and stored in the woodshed.

Rex Tillerson is sacked by President Trump - the news has just come through.  Sacked via Twitter, which seems absurd and, worse than that, disgraceful.  But Mr Trump seems untroubled by grace but instead exults in chaos.  In London Teresa May rebukes Russia for the use of a nerve agent and the attempted murder of a retired spy and his daughter; meanwhile Putin, in the wake of the Ukraine and the Crimea, mocks, unchecked. So many leaves blowing in the wind.

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