Friday, January 27, 2017

Becoming ... "Give me a candle"

Dean Timothy Raphael

I have this excerpt from the funeral booklet of former dean Timothy Raphael (All Saints Church, Cheltenham 1 December 2016).

The meditation (not quite a poem) is to my mind as fine an expression of the journey of becoming, of transformation, as I have encountered.  It is all the more moving to think of Timothy scribbling it until he could no more - imagine, a prayer continually inscribed in the heart as the self turns toward the light and its completion in God.

Give me a candle
attributed to George Appleton

Give me a candle of the Spirit,
O God, as I go down into the levels of my mind.
Show me the hidden things,
The creatures of my dreams, the
Storehouse of forgotten memories and hurts.
Take me down to the well spring of my life
And tell me both my nature and my name.
Give me freedom to grow, that I may
Become that self, the seed of
Which you planted at my making.

This prayer was scribbled by Timothy over and over again in the care home,
until he could no longer write.

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