Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Good Friday at the Cathedral with Grahame Greene

A Baptist theologian friend used to read Graham Greene’s novel Monsignor Quixote on Good Friday and, when possible, also watch the DVD of the film with Alec Guinness in the part of the priest ‘Monsignor Quixote’  and the redoubtable Leo McKern as his wonderful ‘Sancho’, the Communist Mayor.  

I think my friend would enjoy the Three Hours at the Cathedral this Good Friday.  

Literature enthusiasts will recognise Cervante’s  romance Don Quixote as the vehicle for Greene’s work and catch echoes of Giovanni Guarreschi’s Don Camillo fictions – but with the lightest of touches Greene shows Christian faith as the most romantic and daring of endeavours and boldly invites all believers  to explore the ‘windmills’, doubts and uncertainties essential to the journey of faith.

Since Greene’s novel will be part of the meditations in the Three Hours this Good Friday, any who might come are encouraged to read the book and/or watch the DVD beforehand but I will try to design the meditations to allow for those who will come without anypreparation.

Some other voices would be good: if there are any with an interest in drama who would like to help read parts of the text in the Three Hours, the Dean would like them to contact him (0274304737).

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