Friday, February 5, 2016

Choral Evensong and Waitangi Day Collect

Choral Evensong is almost timeless in its stretching of the soul toward the Holy as word and music trace a path that (as Keats' might have put it,) "dost tease us out of thought/ as doth eternity".  Well, that's a way of describing what Evensong does.

Tourists came in during the service, and went, and stayed, and lingered afterwards - not just the wanderers with a camera, but many who heard and felt something of eternity in the liturgy and cherished it.  At one point there would have been about 30+ strangers in the pews.  One recalls the naysayers who dismiss Cathedral music, liturgy and spirituality as irrelevant to the 'modern world' - they could not be more wrong.

The TPPA protests in Auckland earlier in the day figured in our prayers - as did my Waitangi collect below, remembering that we are bracing ourselves for our 'national day' and that we await it with anything but certainty and unity ...

Source of all joy, you rejoice in your creation:
Look upon our nation at this time
As we prepare for Waitangi Day,
And brace for unrest and disputation;
Open our hearts and minds to be grateful
For all that is good in our common life,
And grant us a greater willingness to
Strive for the good of all,
Through Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you,

Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen.

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