Friday, January 29, 2016

"The Banality of Evil" - Auschwitz is still with us

An article in The Guardian by the splendid former Canon of St Paul's, London, Giles Fraser, has prodded me into thinking again about a previous post where I commented on Ulrich Simon's A Theoloy of Auschwitz and concluded that the evil he identified is still with us - by pointing to Syria and also the global inequity of the 1% holding nearly all the world's wealth.

Giles Fraser took a different but nonetheless similar tack, referring to the trial of Eichmann and his determination to present himself as a very ordinary man just following orders; an ordinary man who did terrible things.  Fraser picks up Hannah Arendt's memorable phrase 'the banality of evil' to illustrate the point and concludes:  "He (Eichmann) was personally responsible, a responsibility he blindly denied right to the end. Which is precisely why the moral message of his story remains profoundly unsettling: if ordinary people were capable of such great evil, then, given the right circumstances, so are the rest of us."

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