Thursday, November 19, 2015

Cathedrals - Repositories of the Spirit

It is curious how people seek out Cathedrals.  On Wednesday evening in the Chapter Room, during a meeting, someone put their head around the door and asked if they could have a look upstairs in the Cathedral.  He was the guide for a group of Polish tourists and they had been delayed in their travels, arriving well after the Cathedral had been locked up for the night.  It was no problem for me to leave the meeting and take them upstairs.

They were a marvellous group - all, I am sure, solid Roman Catholics.  They were curious about our altar and its splendid frontal; absolutely fascinated by the building (though, Lord knows, Cathedrals can be no novelty to them);  and extremely well informed and curious with lots of good questions. This was the kind of group that it was a joy to take around.

My thoughts shifted to the scenes inside and out of Notre Dame after the Daesh murders this week - so-called secular France and yet people flocked to Notre Dame.  The cathedral is a repository of the Spirit ... that thought warms my heart.

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