Friday, September 4, 2015

The Cathedral Gallery

Last Friday evening, 28 August, was the start of Dunedin's Heritage Weekend and the Cathedral community participated wholeheartedly with tours on the Saturday led by Cathedral guides while, on the Friday night, we celebrated the opening and blessing of the Cathedral Gallery.  This has been a very complicated project to restore and better present something of the story of the Diocese and of course the Cathedral itself.  The project was overseen by Dr Stella Cullington who is centred in the photograph below.

There were about 60 people present from the city and the diocese, and a fine speech was given by our Mayor Mr Dave Cull who noted the many years the Cathedral and the Town Hall have presided over the Octagon and the memories they share in the service of the city.

I like this photo very much and am obliged to Mr John Burton for it.  It is a rather lovely detail to see a few of us gathered under the eye of the founding Bishops of our Church and Diocese.
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