Friday, July 10, 2015

The Life Well Lived

I knew David McKenzie only slightly, mainly from a long conversation when I called on him and Katherine in their Cannington Road home earlier this year.  His funeral yesterday gave me a far greater insight into this extraordinary man as the memories that were shared went for well over an hour but, in all truth, I could not have wished them to be less and they were of a quality that had me absolutely spell bound.

This was a scholar's funeral but what came through was not the quality of educational scholarship (excellent though that was) but the quality of the man who emerged through that scholarship: the puffery of ego seemed entirely absent and in its place the love of learning and the love of people - generously given and, as was obvious yesterday, generously remembered and returned.

Of course I had seen David in the Cathedral many times.  Mainly I had observed him from the Dean's stall as he had stood by the Robinson Porch as a sidesman and welcomed people with that kindly smile that revealed something of his essence.

The text we read was John 14:1-6 with its generous vision of God and of the Christ who is our way, our truth and our life: one caught a sense of Christ in David.  May he rest in peace and rise in glory. Vale David!

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