Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A snow morning and the matter of a bra

A snow morning and I have just seen a TV shot of a car that went over a bank in Mornington - fortunately the driver walked away.  Have just texted the Cathedral team advising them to stay home until conditions improve and have received a text from the regular who would otherwise attend the 10.00am Mass - he is snowed/iced in.  The morning has to be readjusted - the dogs don't seem to have a problem with this, the human members of the pack have to think about it.  I watch the news about Greece and become increasingly ... well, disgusted and deeply concerned might cover what I feel.

On a lighter note, yesterday afternoon I had a call to the hospital and buzzed off in some haste  with oils and prayerbook, very focussed on the spiritual task ahead but along the one way system, near Cumberland College someone honked their horn at me and waved.  While Dunedin drivers can be friendly this was obviously something more than that.  We paused more or less abreast at the lights and from the passenger window someone yelled at me "you've got a ... from your car."  


I couldn't hear above the roar of a truck engine revving behind me ... "A bra!"

That made no sense at all and the lights changed and we moved on, me rather circumspectly as I tried to make sense of what automotive hazard I was being alerted to. I had to pause again as the traffic slowed.  By this time another vehicle - a utility paused by me and a chunky Maori gentleman stuck his head out the rear window and roared at me "You've got bra on your car!"

I tried to look nonchalant but felt a little overwhelmed by the contrast between, on the one hand, my clerical collar and spiritual duties and, on the other hand, the accusation that I was a mobile display for women's underwear.

I pulled into a parking space and nervously inspected my car.  Nothing was very obvious but after a closer look under the right front wheel arch, hooked on the edge of the chassis - there it was.  A very soiled and sad bra which I promptly detached.  How on earth did it get there?

Its moments like this that can make a day!

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