Saturday, June 13, 2015

Saturday morning

It is a fairly bleak winter morning and I have had to take a strong line with Mac (our elderly setter) to insist he go outside and do what is necessary after a long night slumbering on his couch.  All the members of the household pack were pleased to come back inside like so many refugees and to hunker down by the fire.  (Heck!  I find my simile 'refugees' suddenly grates - how can it not in the light of the human misery the news has uncovered?)

Mac minding the picnic lunch
Preparing for Sunday services, I am really looking forward to the Choral Eucharist tomorrow when the sermon slot will be a 'conversation' with Dunedin artist Wallace Crossman talking about his view on art and the life of the Spirit and exploring something of how he approached the glorious coloured panels of his 'A Tent for the Sun' that are still hanging in the Cathedral's ambulatory.  We had a long preliminary conversation at his home yesterday and I was very grateful that he and his wife (fellow artist, Rosalie) showed me around the studio and allowed me to view some of their other works; I went away impressed, delighted and energised!

I find myself remembering Newton's 'Amazing Grace' and the lines "I once was lost, but now am found;Was blind, but now I see." Worship and faith are all about learning to 'see' and my take on the role of art is very much in accord with that - learning to see. I look forward to what Wallace might have for us tomorrow.

I hope that Wallace might allow us to put shots of his exhibition on the Cathedral website.  (I'm not sure how many have viewed some of the other exhibitions there - but on our website go to the 'About' menu, then select 'The Cathedral' and then select the 'Art in the Ambulatory' tag and scroll from there. Wal Keown and Bill Graham have their exhibitions noted there.)

It would be really helpful if anyone viewing this blog gives feedback and comments (whether about the blog or the cathedral website) as interaction is really helpful.

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