Thursday, January 8, 2015

For the Satirists, Cartoonists

Prayer can be the only response to the killings in Paris today.  The Dean of Glasgow has given a good reponse to the issue - asking how we respond to tyranny (a question that has troubled me as the monstrous murders perpetrated by ISIL seem to demand something more than just condemnation): his point was that we need to make tyranny look ridiculous - and that is certainly the role of satirists and cartoonists.

So we pray for them, for the service cartoonists do for our society, for the capacity of humour to subvert tyranny.

For satirists, humourists, cartoonists.
For journalists. For bystanders.
For those who take risks to disturb our peace of mind.
For those who take risks to give the peace and security for them to do so.
Lord in your mercy.
Hear our prayer.

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