Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Minister of Justice & 'Dirty Politics'!

Nicky Hager's book has changed the way I now see this election.

I cannot see any way that the rebuttals or defences offered by the Prime Minister and his team can condone, still less justify, the spite, malice and hatred that seeps through the emails associated with Cameron Slater's Whaleoil blog.  It is deeply disturbing that there has been no condemnation of the links made with the blog and no action taken with those involved.

But, the really sickening thing is that it is the Minister of Justice who is clearly implicated. That this Officer of the Crown should be so close to the sleaze and malice the emails reveal is utterly horrible and, in my view, makes Mrs Collins post untenable.  I can't understand why Mr Key cannot see this ... and I can only speculate how deep this toxicity goes.

For goodness sake ... the Minister of Justice and WHALEOIL!

It is at best bizarre, but I think it is far worse than that - and it threatens to suck us into the pit ...

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