Monday, October 21, 2013

Len Brown: Please Don't Resign

Today is supposed to be Len Brown's first day back in the office since the storm broke with the publication of news of his relationship with Bevan Chuang. He and his family are very much in my prayers; especially I hope that he will be able to reconcile with his wife and his family; be able also to do the hard personal inner work of the spirit from which healing and growth can occur. One prays for the necessary grace, strength, courage and wisdom to be given: Len and his family will need all that - and in abundance.

I have no sympathy or patience with those who call for him to resign. He has betrayed his wife and family - not the ratepayers of Auckland (and the independent Council inquiry should be able to confirm this). The only moral and Christian position I can see as appropriate for anyone to take is that modelled by our Lord who,when asked for judgement, responded with the invitation that those without sin should cast the first stones.

This week Len's tragedy assumed almost Shakespearean dimensions as it illustrated the hazards of hubris: from the bright lights of a victor in the election who was flanked by a supportive family, then almost overnight the dizzy fall into shame with the 'Whaleoil' blog disclosures and the excruciating revelations levered out of Ms Chuang. No family, no one, should ever have been exposed to such personal disclosures, such humiliation and pain.

The more the facts behind this start to emerge, the clearer it becomes that there was a conspiracy to damage Len Brown and that the identified politician and assorted hangers-on behind this used the shallow and appalling Ms Chuang for their purposes.

What these people have done is unspeakably cruel to the truly innocent parties in this wretched business: the humiliation and pain felt by Len's wife and daughters can only be imagined as every ghastly detail and humiliating comment provided through Ms Chaung have been gloatingly disclosed in Mr Slater's blog.

Of less importance is what this incident has introduced to New Zealand politics - for the first time in my recollection the flaws and follies of someone's private life have been ruthlessly made public to achieve a political gain. For that reason alone I earnestly hope that Len does not resign - evil acts should not be rewarded by their success!

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