Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wellington: Ramsey House

A dull grey morning sky in Wellington and I have just stepped out of the modest serviced apartments. It feels quite odd - the building I have slept in has been refurbished into apartments but originally it was what we might now call 'iconic'. Built in the art deco style, it was a Lambton Quay landmark, the MLC Building, on the corner with Hunter Street. For a time, in my childhood, it must have been the tallest building in the city: speaking for an insurance company, it oozed permanence and prosperity. The letters MLC are still on the lift doors and it's emblem at the top of the tower. The world has moved on.

The photo above is from the chapel at Ramsey House, the Anglican Chaplaincy Centre at Victoria University. I wandered in to see the chapel in its current premises (it has moved since my time years ago) but I was delighted to see the original window of the Transfiguration (I can't recall the artist) and enjoy the spare, austere simplicity of the chapel. I owe much to this chaplaincy - my own vocation and discovery of the Anglican way especially.

On the frontage it now feels like a coffee shop and was filled with students texting and working on their netbooks. It is great!

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