Friday, April 1, 2011

Social Justice

April Fools Day and the new labour legislation comes into effect with the 90 day trial hire and other assorted frills. It seems to me that the political scene it comes into is one so bereft of moral leadership and vision that there is no effective voice against this change in policy and what it says about the relations that should exist between employers and employees. This is the same government that seems willing to privatize prisons, privatize the ACC and generally create a society where the gap between the wealthy and the poor continues to widen.

In the ODT today Chris Trotter's column lamented the lack of leadership, gazed wistfully back in time to Michael Savage and then became very pointed in promoting David Parker as the new leader for the Labour Party. Well, we will see. I can't see Labour gaining any traction with Phil Goff at the helm.

All this on the day that our church remembers F.D. Maurice. Maurice saw social justice to spring from the Christian's life of prayer - he rightly (in my view) saw an inseparable moral connection between social justice and the nature and being of God. A socialism without God lacks the moral basis it needs. Of course the 'New Atheism' will disagree!
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