Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why blog?

I began this blog with some real uncertainty as to why I would want to do it.

I see a blog as so much like a journal - and that's private. I don't want people to read what I write in a journal. The process is so messy - as I try and write my way through to a kind of clarity and understanding about what I think. The journal records the messy birthing of a written piece - it does not show the finished product. So, vanity alone seems to argue that I should not blog.

However, a blog is an open invitation to read. So it seems that by blogging I am inviting people to read my journal - if that's how I'm going to continue to write in my blogging.

Of course I could blog because I have things that I want people to hear and there are possibly views I want to advance. Still I'm not sure that's what I really want to do.

No I think I want to blog because it means being exploratory and open in a new way. I suspect I won't write quite as I might in a private journal but maybe through blogging I will discover other modes of writing, other ways of being and connecting. We'll see.
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